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2003 Classic Bobbleheads including the numbered Collector’s Series, Signature Series and Napa Exclusives

 NASCAR 2003 means live action poses, numbered Collector’s Series (20,000 each) and limited run platinum series (only 2,000 of each will be made). These drivers have laser-scanned heads exclusive to Bobble Dobbles.

The Signature Series includes 9 NASCAR drivers each individually numbered.

Our Napa exclusive series features Michael Waltrip, winner of the 2003 Daytona 500 and Dale Earnhardt Jr. in his first Bobblehead appearance.

NASCAR Collector’s Series Release date:  May 2003 

NASCAR Platinum Collector’s Series Release date:  May 2003 

*Numbered, Limited to 2,000 pieces each

NASCAR Signature Series Release date:  September 2003  Click Here for locations

*Available at Casey’s General Store

NAPA Exclusive Series Release date: May 2003

*Available only at NAPA Auto Parts

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